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AEG 3740635218 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

AEG 3740635218 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element


(In stock)

  • AEG 3740635218 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element AEG 3740635218 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

AEG 3740635218 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

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Quick Overview

1200 Watts Ceramic Hotplate Element

Availability: In stock



Cooker Model Information

Manufacturer AEG
Wattage 1200 Watts
Replaces 1110022509497, 1250210057006, 1250210074001, 1250210078002, 1250213977002, 1250214127003, 1250297975005, 1906917875, 2924289580051, 3004501015, 3051615015, 3051653016, 3051658015, 3051710014, 3051710030, 3051714016, 3051714115, 3051718017, 3051740011, 311098232003, 311098516009, 311098562003, 3370209011, 3570364012, 3581980152, 3730002189, 3730002197, 3730003591, 3730004730, 3730020587, 3730020595, 3740034289, 3740602010, 3740635010, 3740720010, 3742901121, 3742901196, 3742901246, 3742901303, 3742901337, 3742901410, 3742938024, 3890700010, 3890700218, 3890700317, 3890740016, 3890740040, 3890740214, 3890850013, 3911500001, 3911656019, 3911658015, 3911733016, 3911738015, 3930325034, 3930754019, 3930754043, 4003307990, 4003337997, 4003641992, 4003678994, 4003925007, 4003927003, 4006107249, 4006187266, 4021609997, 4370032509492, 50770216005, 50770216997, 53180137001, 540227765000, 540232556006, 6055484015, 6055486010, 6055486036, 6612044500, 777021509990, 777021609998, 777024009998, 777027600991, 777027609992, 777770202003, 8993740635014, 8996611871808, 8996611871832, 8996612037409, 8996612044314, 8996612044504, 8996612044512, 8996612428301, 8996619088546, 8996619097679, 9108028, 9108036, 9115064, 9115205, 948256003, 951529015, 951529049, 951929017, 955038120, 955557004, 955765003, 955776000, 959510785
Genuine Part Yes
Dimensions Diameter: 145mm
Models 1010V-W, 1050V-W, 20005VA-WN, 20045VA-WN, 2005VA-WN, 30005VA-WN, 30006VE-WN, 30006VE-WN R07, 30006VL-WN, 30045VA-WN, 33620DK-M, 40005VD-MN, 40006VS-MN, 40006VS-WN, 40016VH-WN, 40035VD-WC, 40036VI-WN, 40036VI-WN 24T, 40045VA-WN, 40045VD-MN, 40045VD-WN, 40106VE-WN, 40106VE-WN 00U, 40107VE-WN, 41005VD-MN, 41016VH-WN, 41016VH-WN 23T, 41016VI-WN, 41016VI-WN 24T, 41035VD-WC, 41056VH-MN, 41056VH-MN 23T, 41056VI-MN, 41056VI-MN 24T, 41136VE-WN, 41136VE-WN 00U, 42005VD-WN, 42116VE-WN, 43005VD-WN, 43336VY-MN, 47005VC-MN, 47005VC-WN, 47035VD-MN, 47035VD-WN, 4703RVD-MN, 4703RVD-WN, 47045VD-MN, 47055VD-MN, 47055VD-WN, 47056VS-MN, 47056VS-WN, 4705PVS-MN, 4705RVS-MN, 4705RVS-WN, 49002VMN, 5005VW, 5005V-W, 5010V-W, 5105V-W, 5110V-W, 5110W, 5120V-MA, 5120V-W, 60000M-BN AE5 EURO, 60000M-MN 18R, 60000M-MN AE5 EURO, 60000M-WR AE4 EURO, 6000K-B AD1 EURO, 6000K-D AD1 EURO, 6000K-M AD1 EURO, 6000K-MN 19I, 6000K-W AD1 EURO, 6002 M-BT AA2, 6002 M-DT AA2, 6002 M-MT AA2, 6002 M-WT AA2, 6002M-MN 26I, 600M-ALRAA9, 600M-BR AA9, 600M-DR AA9, 600M-MC 61I, 600M-MR AA9, 600M-WR AA9, 6010K-B AA5, 6010K-BN 24I, 6010K-BN 24J, 6010K-BN AE3, 6010K-D AA5, 6010K-M AA5, 6010K-MN 24I, 6010K-MN 24J, 6010K-MN AE3, 6010K-W AA5, 602 M-DT AA1, 602 M-MT AA1, 602 M-WT AA1, 6033M-DR AF2 MEDIA, 6033M-DR MEDIA AA7, 6033M-MN AF3 MEDIA, 6033M-MN MEDIA AA8, 6033M-WR AF2 MEDIA, 6033M-WR MEDIA AA7, 6034M-DR AE7 MEDIA, 6034M-MN, 6034M-MR, 6034M-MR AE7 MEDIA, 6034M-WR AE7 MEDIA, 6100 M-IN 59I, 61000M-ALN 18I, 61000M-ALN AB8, 61000M-BN 18I, 61000M-BN AB8, 61000M-DR 43I, 61000M-DR AB7, 61000MF-AN, 61000M-MN 18I, 61000M-MN AB8, 61000M-MR AB7, 61000M-WR 42I, 61000M-WR AB7, 6100M-IN, 6100M-IN 59I, 61016VI-AN 24T, 61016VI-WN 24T, 6105M-BN AE3, 6105M-DN AE3, 6105M-MN, 6105M-MN AE3, 6105M-WN AE3, 611 K DR, 611 K WR, 61100M-BN AD2, 61100M-DR AD3, 61100MF-AN, 61100M-MN, 61100M-MN 38I, 61100M-MN AD2, 61100M-MR AD3, 61100M-WR AD3, 6110M-BN AB3, 6110M-DR AB4, 6110M-EWR AB4, 6110M-IN, 6110M-MN 31I, 6110M-MN 31J, 6110M-MN AB3, 61119 M-D AA6, 61119 M-M AA6, 61119 M-W AA6, 61119M-MN D66, 61200M-BN AD4, 61200M-DN AD4, 61200M-MN, 61200M-MN 35I, 61200M-MN AD4, 61200M-MR AE9, 61200M-WN AD4, 6130 M-DC W22, 6130 M-WC W21, 6130 V-B, 6130 V-MA, 6130 V-W, 61300 M-IN, 61300M-ALN 17I, 61300M-ALN AD8, 61300M-ALND AD08, 61300M-BN AD8, 61300M-DC 49I, 61300M-DC W24, 61300M-DR AD9, 61300MF-AN, 61300MF-N 21I, 61300M-IN, 61300M-IN 17C, 61300M-IN 22I, 61300M-MC 48I, 61300M-MC W23, 61300M-MCD W23, 61300M-MN (MV64B/3KR, 61300M-MN 17I, 61300M-MN AD8, 61300M-MQ AE1, 61300M-MR AD9, 61300M-WC 48I, 61300M-WC W23, 61300M-WR AD9, 61302 MF1-N 79D, 61302MF1-N 06I, 61302MF1-N BF2, 61302MF-N 33S, 61302MF-N BF6, 61302MF-N W18, 61305M-BN AD5, 61305M-MN 37I, 61305M-MN AD5, 61305M-WN AD5, 61309MF1-N 14I, 61309MF1-N 78D, 61309MF-N W49, 6130M-ALN, 6130M-ALN 39I, 6130M-BN AB6, 6130M-DC 58I, 6130M-DC W22, 6130M-DN, 6130M-DR AB5, 6130M-EWR AB5, 6130M-MN, 6130M-MN 39I, 6130M-MN AB6, 6130M-WC W21, 6130M-WN, 6130M-WN 39I, 6130VMA, 6130V-MA, 6130VW, 6130V-W, 61319 M-D AA4, 61319 M-M AA4, 61319 M-W AA4, 61319M-MN 52J, 61319M-MN D64, 6132 M-BT AA3, 6132 M-DT AA3, 6132 M-MT AA3, 6132 M-WT AA3, 61321 M-PN 04I, 61321 M-PN 55B, 6132M-MN AW2, 6132M-MT, 61370M-DN AF4, 61370MF-AN, 61370M-MN AF4, 61370M-MR AF5, 61370M-WN AF4, 614 K DR, 614 K MR, 614 K WR, 61400M-MN AE8, 61700 M-MN X31, 61700M-MN 32I, 61700M-MN 41O, 61700M-MN X31, 61701 M-MC X46, 61701M-MC 43O, 61701M-MC 47I, 6172MF-N 42O, 6172MF-N 91L, 6172M-MN 15I, 6172M-MN 40O, 6172M-MN 77D, 6201DK-MN, 6201DK-WN, 62100 MF-AN 22D, 62100MF-AN, 62100MF-AN 20I, 62300MF-AN, 62300MF-AN 21D, 62300MF-AN 21I, 6310DK-M, 6310K-M, 6400K-MN, 6400K-MN 69D, 6410K-BN, 6410K-DN, 6410K-MN, 6410K-WN, 6500K-MN, 6500K-MN AB9, 65030K-MNY68, 65100K-MN AE6, 6510K7-M, 65300KF-AN, 65300K-IN, 65300K-MN AB1, 65300K-MN Y71, 65301KF-N, 65301K-MN W45, 6530K-MN, 6530K-MN AC1, 6530K-MN Y69, 65400KF-AN 31A, 66030K-MN 04A, 66100K-MN 07A, 66200K-MN 05A / 05B, 66300 KF-AN U44, 66300KF-AN U44, 66300K-IN 09A / 09B, 66301KF-N 08A, 66301K-MN U01, 6630K-MN 06A, 67100K-MN V64, 67600K-MN V61, 67600M-MN V59, 7130M-IN, 75300K-MN, 75301K-MN, 75301K-MN W46, 76301KF-N U25, 76301K-MN U24, 79200KF-N 10A / 10B, 79301KF-MN U46, 80600K-B, 80600K-M, 80600K-W, 80601K-MN, 81700K-AL X06, 81700K-MN X06, 81700M-ALN X08, 81700M-MN (AEG), 81700M-MN 82J, 81700M-MN X08, 81701M-MN F67, 86700K-AL HIC 80 90A, 86700K-MN HIC 80, 913 M MN, 91300MA-MN, 91750M-MN 41I, 91750M-MN X09, 91900KFE-N (AEG), 91900K-MN X05, 95300KA-MN, 96901KFE-N BIG CORN, 96901K-MN HIC 90, C1052V, C2012V, C44006VA, C44006V-A, C5012V, C6034M-MR AE7, C6122M-MT AG9, C61300M-MNAD8, C61603M-MR AG8, C61700M-AL X31, C61701M-MC X46, C67100K-IN, C67100K-MN AG1, C67600KF-BN, C67600K-MN, C67600K-MN AG2, C67600M-MN AF7, C72012V, C91900KFE-N, CM600BLK 74O, COMPETENCE 9130 M-MN, D98000VF-M, D98000VF-W, E41.243-1M, E41.243-1-M, E41.243-1-M AW2, E41.243-2M, EB KOCHM EM 2, EB KOCHM EME 2, EHC60020X AE8, EHL6646P 40M, EK 615 W, EMK 60 S, FM4513KAN, FM6520AN, FM6520KAN, FV 640 BC, FV 640 SB, HE604000FB AW1, HE604000XB AV9, HE604000XB CE0, HE604002XB CE0, HE604060FB BF2, HE604060X-B AW8, HE604060XB CD9, HE604062XB CD9, HE604063XB CD9, HE604068XB BR5, HE604070FB BF6, HE604070FB CE1, HE604070XB CT0, HE604078XB CT0, HE604079XB AW5, HE804060XB BT6, HE804060XB CM1, HK312000MB, HK614000X-B AX4, HK614000XB CE7, HK614010BB AE3, HK614010BB BO2, HK614010BB DB5, HK614010MB AE3, HK614010MB BO2, HK614010MB DB5, HM604000M-B AU7, HM604030MB BN8, HM604060M-B AU8, JHC80080X AS4, KFA58DKM CE7, KV 64 Z, KV 64 Z W, KV2H 64 Z, KV2H 64 Z W, KV64Z N PROFI LINE, KVH 64 Z, KVH 64 Z W, MV 64, MV 64 1, MV 64 1 A, MV 64 W, MV 64 Z, MV 64 Z W, MV 640, MV 640 W, MV 84, MV 84 1, MV 84 1 A, MV 84 Z, MV940 1BZ N PROFI LI, MVS 64 1 ZN W MATREI, TV2804N 44L, ZEV6140XBA DV6, ZEV6140XBV EC5
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