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AEG 3051747214 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

AEG 3051747214 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element


(In stock)

  • AEG 3051747214 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element AEG 3051747214 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

AEG 3051747214 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

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Quick Overview

2300 Watts Ceramic Hotplate Element

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Cooker Model Information

Manufacturer AEG
Wattage 2300 Watts
Replaces 3051747016, 3742901519
Genuine Part Yes
Dimensions Diameter: 210mm
Models 61100M-BN AD2, 61100M-DR AD3, 61100MF-AN, 61100M-MN, 61100M-MN 38I, 61100M-MN AD2, 61100M-MR AD3, 61100M-WR AD3, 61200M-BN AD4, 61200M-DN AD4, 61200M-MN, 61200M-MN 35I, 61200M-MN AD4, 61200M-MR AE9, 61200M-WN AD4, 61300 M-IN, 61300M-ALN 17I, 61300M-ALN AD8, 61300M-ALND AD08, 61300M-BN AD8, 61300M-DC 49I, 61300M-DC W24, 61300M-DR AD9, 61300MF-AN, 61300M-IN, 61300M-IN 17C, 61300M-IN 22I, 61300M-MC 48I, 61300M-MC W23, 61300M-MCD W23, 61300M-MN (MV64B/3KR, 61300M-MN 17I, 61300M-MN AD8, 61300M-MQ AE1, 61300M-MR AD9, 61300M-WC 48I, 61300M-WC W23, 61300M-WR AD9, 61305M-BN AD5, 61305M-MN 37I, 61305M-MN AD5, 61305M-WN AD5, 61309MF1-N 14I, 61309MF1-N 78D, 61309MF-N W49, 61319 M-D AA4, 61319 M-M AA4, 61319 M-W AA4, 61319M-MN 52J, 61319M-MN D64, 61370M-DN AF4, 61370MF-AN, 61370M-MN AF4, 61370M-MR AF5, 61370M-WN AF4, 61700 M-MN X31, 61700M-MN 32I, 61700M-MN X31, 62100 MF-AN 22D, 62100MF-AN, 62100MF-AN 20I, 62300MF-AN, 62300MF-AN 21D, 62300MF-AN 21I, 65100K-MN AE6, 65300KF-AN, 65300K-IN, 65300K-MN AB1, 65300K-MN Y71, 65301KF-N, 65301K-MN W45, 66100K-MN 07A, 66300 KF-AN U44, 66300KF-AN U44, 66300K-IN 09A / 09B, 66301KF-N 08A, 66301K-MN U01, 75300K-MN, 75301K-MN, 75301K-MN W46, 76301KF-N U25, 76301K-MN U24, 79301KF-MN U46, 91300MA-MN, 91750M-MN 41I, 91750M-MN X09, 95300KA-MN, C61300M-MNAD8, C61700M-AL X31, FM7530K-AN
  1. Ceramic hotplate element review by Harry on 31/12/2017

    Now fitted and working. Best value I could find on the net. A bit pricey for next day delivery but needs must.
    Arrived next day so got what I paid for.
    So 5 stars for the product and service.

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