AEG 140062707025 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

AEG 140062707025 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element


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AEG 140062707025 Genuine Ceramic Hotplate Element

2400 Watts (1700 Watts / 700 Watts) Ceramic Hotplate Element

The design of this element has changed. It is still a dual 1700 Watt / 700 Watt Ceramic Element

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More Information
Manufacturer AEG
Wattage 2400 Watts (1700 Watts / 700 Watts)
Replaces 1250213946007, 3051618019, 3051656019, 3051712010, 3051741019, 3113400000, 3191486004, 3250754011, 3730002460, 3740754019, 3740754050, 3740754217, 3740754258, 3740754522, 3742901113, 3742901378, 3742901402, 3890703014, 3890703022, 3890703212, 3890703220, 3890743010, 3890743218, 3890826021, 3890846011
Genuine Part Yes
Dimensions Diameter: 120/180mm
Models 3215V-D, 3215V-W, 40005VD-MN, 40035VD-WC, 40045VD-MN, 40045VD-WN, 40107VE-WN, 41005VD-MN, 41035VD-WC, 42005VD-WN, 42116VE-WN, 43005VD-WN, 47005VC-MN, 47005VC-WN, 47035VD-MN, 47035VD-WN, 4703RVD-MN, 4703RVD-WN, 47045VD-MN, 47055VD-MN, 47055VD-WN, 5105V-W, 5110V-W, 5110W, 5120V-MA, 5120V-W, 61200M-BN AD4, 61200M-DN AD4, 61200M-MN, 61200M-MN 35I, 61200M-MN AD4, 61200M-MR AE9, 61200M-WN AD4, 6130 V-B, 6130 V-MA, 6130 V-W, 6130VMA, 6130V-MA, 6130VW, 6130V-W, 61700 M-MN X31, 61700M-MN 32I, 61700M-MN 41O, 61700M-MN X31, 61701 M-MC X46, 61701M-MC 43O, 61701M-MC 47I, 6172MF-N 42O, 6172MF-N 91L, 6172M-MN 15I, 6172M-MN 40O, 6172M-MN 77D, 6310DK-M, 6310K-M, 65400KF-AN 31A, 66200K-MN 05A / 05B, 66201KF-N 24F, 66400KF-AN 31F, 67100K-MN V64, 79200KF-N 10A / 10B, 81700K-AL X06, 81700K-MN X06, 81700M-ALN X08, 81700M-MN (AEG), 81700M-MN 82J, 81700M-MN X08, 81701M-MN F67, 86700K-AL HIC 80 90A, 86700K-IN 66D, 86700K-MN HIC 80, 91750M-MN 41I, 91750M-MN X09, C61603M-MR AG8, C61700M-AL X31, C61701M-MC X46, C67100K-IN, C67100K-MN AG1, D67000VF-M, D67000VF-W, D98000VF-M, D98000VF-W, FM4513KAN, FM6520AN, FM6520KAN, HM604030MB BN8, JHC80080X AS4
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