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Arthur Martin H1987 Electric Hotplate Element

Arthur Martin H1987 8mm Rim Solid Electric Hotplate Element


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  • Arthur Martin H1987 Electric Hotplate Element Arthur Martin H1987 Electric Hotplate Element

Arthur Martin H1987 8mm Rim Solid Electric Hotplate Element

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Quick Overview

2000 Watts Solid Electric Hotplate Element

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Cooker Model Information

Manufacturer Arthur Martin
Wattage 2000 Watts
Genuine Part Yes
Dimensions Diameter: 180mm Chrome Spill Rim: 8mm
Models ACC925W1, ACC984W, ACC984W1, ACC985W, AHE6041K, AHE6041W, AHE6041X, CE5025-1, CE5026-1, CE5026W1, CE5028, CE6482W1 ELE MUL.PYR, CMP6082W, DE0230W, DE0230X, DE0260W, DE0260X, E5765MCW, E5775MCW, E6500CCT1 ELEC.C.AM, E6565CCW1 ELEC.C.AM, E6568CPW1 ELEC.PYRO, E6578MPW1 ELEC.M.PY, E6668CPW1 ELEC.PYRO, E6678MPW1 ELEC.M.PY, E6765CCW1 C.STAT.ELE, E6768CPW1 P.STAT.ELE, E6778MPW1 M.P.ELEC.A, E6866MCW, E6868CPW, E6868CPW1, E6878CMW, E6878MPW, E6878MPW1, EKE511501W, EKE601300W, EKE601301W, EKM600300W, EKM603300W, EKM605700W, EKM606700W, EKM606700X, EKM607700W, EKM607701W, M637CCN1 3+1 CATA, M637CCW1 3+1 CATA, M647CPN1 3+1 PYRO, M648CPB1 3+1 PYRO, M648CPG1 3+1 PYRO, M648CPW1 3+1 PYRO, M6537MCW1 3+1 M-C A, M6544CPW1 3+1 PYRO, M6548CPM1 3+1 P.AME, M6548CPT1 3+1 P.AME, M6548CPW1 3+1 P.AME, M6558MPM1 3+1 M.P A, M6558MPT1 3+1 M.P A, M6558MPW1 3+1 M.P A, M6576MPM1 3+1 M.P A, M6576MPT1 3+1 M.P A, M6576MPW1 3+1 M.P A, M657CPN1 3+1 PYRO, M657CPW1 3+1 PYRO, M658CPN1 P.STAT.3+1, M658CPW1 P.STAT.3+1, M6648CPW1 3+1 P.AME, M667CPN1 3+1 PYRO, M668CPN1 P.STAT.3+1, M6737MCW1 M.CATA 3+1, M6742CPW1 P.STA.3+1, M6744CPW1 P.STAT.3+1, M6748CPW1 P.STAT.3+1, M6774MPM1 M.P.3+1 AM, M6774MPW1 M.P.3+1 AM, M6776MPM1 M.P.3+1 AM, M6776MPW1 M.P.3+1 AM, M6832MCW, M6833CCW, M6834CCW, M6835MCW, M6837MCW, M6844CPN, M6844CPW, M6872MPW, M6873MPW, M6874MPN, M6874MPW, M6874MPW1, M6876MPN, M6876MPW, M6876MPW1, TE0004T, TE0004W, TE0004W1, TE0004X, TE0004X1, TE0005N, TE0005T, TE0005T1, TE0005T3, TE0005W, TE0005W1, TE0005W3, TE0005X, TE0006T1, TE0006W1, TE0010T1, TE0010W1, TE0012T, TE0012T1, TE0012W, TE0012W1, TE0014N, TE0014T, TE0014W, TE0016N, TE0016N-WITH PLUG, TE0016N-WITHOUT PLUG, TE0016T, TE0016T-WITH PLUG, TE0016T-WITHOUT PLUG, TE0016W, TE0016W-WITH PLUG, TE0016W-WITHOUT PLUG, TE0016X, TE0016X-WITH PLUG, TE0016X-WITHOUT PLUG, TE2005T3, TE2005W1, TM2005T1, TM2005W3, TM2006T1, TM2006W1
Extra Information Genuine Part - OEM Manufacturer: - Universal Part covering Multiple Part Numbers - See Model Numbers
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