Balay 00289782 Base Oven Element

Balay 00289782 Base Oven Element


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Balay 00289782 Base Oven Element

1200 Watts Oven Element
Availability: In stock
More Information
Manufacturer Balay
Wattage 1200 Watts
Replaces 00360724
Genuine Part No
Dimensions Height: 350mm Width: 340mm Bracket: 370mm Tags: 55mm
Models 3HC501BP/01, 3HC501BP/02, 3HC501BPG/01, 3HC501BPG/02, 3HC501BPV/01, 3HC501BPV/02, 3HC501MP/01, 3HC501MP/02, 3HC502BP/01, 3HC502BP/02, 3HC502MP/01, 3HC502MP/02, 3HC503B/01, 3HC503B/02, 3HC503B/03, 3HC503B/04, 3HC503BE/01, 3HC503BP/01, 3HC503BP/02, 3HC503BPG/01, 3HC503BPG/02, 3HC503BPV/01, 3HC503BPV/02, 3HC503M/01, 3HC503M/02, 3HC503M/03, 3HC503M/04, 3HC503ME/01, 3HC503MP/01, 3HC503MP/02, 3HC503NE/01, 3HC503NP/01, 3HC503NP/02, 3HC504B/01, 3HC504B/02, 3HC504B/03, 3HC504M/01, 3HC504M/02, 3HC504M/03, 3HC504N/01, 3HC504N/02, 3HC504N/03, 3HC505B/01, 3HC505B/02, 3HC505B/03, 3HC505B/04, 3HC505B/05, 3HC505M/01, 3HC505M/02, 3HC505M/03, 3HC505M/04, 3HC505M/05, 3HC505N/01, 3HC505N/02, 3HC505N/03, 3HC505X/01, 3HC505X/02, 3HC505X/03, 3HC505X/04, 3HC505X/05, 3HC506B/01, 3HC506B/02, 3HC506B/03, 3HC506N/01, 3HC506N/02, 3HC506N/03, 3HC507B/01, 3HC507B/02, 3HC507B/03, 3HC507N/01, 3HC507N/02, 3HC507N/03, 3HC514B/01, 3HC514B/02, 3HI501BP/01, 3HI501BP/02, 3HI502BP/01, 3HI502BP/02, 3HI502MP/01, 3HI502MP/02, 3HI503B/01, 3HI503B/02, 3HI503B/03, 3HI503BP/01, 3HI503BP/02, 3HI503M/01, 3HI503M/02, 3HI503M/03, 3HI503MP/01, 3HI503MP/02, 3HI503NP/01, 3HI503NP/02, 3HI505B/01, 3HI505B/02, 3HI505B/03, 3HI505B/04, 3HI505M/01, 3HI505M/02, 3HI505N/01, 3HI505N/02, 3HI505N/03, 3HI505X/01, 3HI505X/02, 3HI505X/03, 3HI507B/01, 3HI507B/02, 3HI507B/03, 3HI507N/01, 3HI507N/02, 3HI507N/03, 3HI511B/01, 3HI511B/02, 3HI511M/01, 3HI511M/02, 3HM501B/01, 3HM501BP/01, 3HM501BT/01, 3HM502B/01, 3HM503B/01, 3HM503BP/01, 3HM503BT/01, 3HM503M/01, 3HM503MP/01, 3HM503MT/01, 3HM503N/01, 3HM503NP/01, 3HM503NT/01, 3HM503X/01, 3HM503XP/01, 3HM504XT/01, 3HM504XT/02, 3HM505B/01, 3HM505BP/01, 3HM505BT/01, 3HM505N/01, 3HM505NP/01, 3HM505NT/01, 3HM505X/01, 3HM505XP/01, 3HM506BP/01, 3HM506BT/01, 3HM506X/01, 3HM506XP/01, 3HM507XT/01, 3HM507XT/02, 3HM508BP/01, 3HM508BT/01, 3HM508NP/01, 3HM508NT/01, 3HM508XP/01, 3HM508XT/01, 3HM527BT/01, 3HM527NT/01, 3HM527RT/01, 3HP501B/01, 3HP501BDG/01, 3HP501BDV/01, 3HP501BP/01, 3HP501BPDG/01, 3HP501BPDV/01, 3HP501BT/01, 3HP501M/01, 3HP501NP/01, 3HP501NT/01, 3HP502B/01, 3HP502M/01, 3HP503B/01, 3HP503BDG/01, 3HP503BDV/01, 3HP503BP/01, 3HP503BPDG/01, 3HP503BPDV/01, 3HP503BT/01, 3HP503M/01, 3HP503MP/01, 3HP503MT/01, 3HP503N/01, 3HP503NP/01, 3HP503NT/01, 3HP503X/01, 3HP503XP/01, 3HP504XT/01, 3HP504XT/02, 3HP505B/01, 3HP505BP/01, 3HP505BT/01, 3HP505M/01, 3HP505MP/01, 3HP505MT/01, 3HP505N/01, 3HP505NP/01, 3HP505NT/01, 3HP505X/01, 3HP505XP/01, 3HP506B/01, 3HP506BP/01, 3HP506BT/01, 3HP506N/01, 3HP506X/01, 3HP506XP/01, 3HP508BP/01, 3HP508BT/01, 3HP508NP/01, 3HP508NT/01, 3HP508XP/01, 3HP508XT/01, 3HP511XT/01, 3HP527BT/01, 3HP527NT/01, 3HP527RT/01, HE1BY00/01, HE1BY00/02, HE1BY00/03, HE1BY01/01, HE1BY20/01, HE1BY20/02, HE1BY20/03, HE1BY21/01, HE1BY22/01, HE1BY50/01, HE1BY50/02, HE1BY50/03, HE1BY51/01, HE1BY52/01, HE1BY60/01, HE1BY60/02, HE1BY60/03, HE1BY61/01, HE1BY62/01, HE1BY80/01, HE1BY80/02, HE1BY80/03, HE3BY00/01, HE3BY00/02, HE3BY00/03, HE3BY01/01, HE3BY20/01, HE3BY20/02, HE3BY20/03, HE3BY21/01, HE3BY22/01, HE3BY50/01, HE3BY50/02, HE3BY50/03, HE3BY50/04, HE3BY51/01, HE3BY52/01, HE3BY60/01, HE3BY60/02, HE3BY60/03, HE3BY61/01, HE3BY62/01, HE3BY80/01, HE3BY80/02, HE3BY80/03, PEGASOFMH
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