Bauknecht C00313501 Grill/Oven Element

Bauknecht C00313501 Grill / Oven Element


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Bauknecht C00313501 Grill / Oven Element

2500 Watts (900 Watts / 1600 Watts) Grill/Oven Element
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More Information
Manufacturer Bauknecht
Wattage 2500 Watts (900 Watts / 1600 Watts)
Replaces 481225928715, 481225928723, 481225998424, 481225998474, 481225998497, 481225998519
Genuine Part No
Dimensions Height: 385mm Width: 365mm Bracket: 150mm Tags: 100/55mm
Models BLZ6200/IN, BLZ6200IN, BLZ7200/IN, BLZ7200IN, BMZ3000IN01, BMZ3000SW01, BMZ3000WS01, BMZ6200/IN, BMZ6200IN, BMZ6203/IN, BMZ6203IN, BMZ6205/IN, BMZ6205/SW, BMZ6205/WS, BMZD6200/AL, BMZD6200/IN, BMZD6200/SW, BMZD6200/WS, BMZD6500/IN, BMZD6500IN, BMZS3000IN, BMZS3000SW, BMZS4000IN, BMZS4000SW, BSZ3000IN01, BSZ3000WS01, BSZ4007IN, BSZ4007SW, BSZ4007WS, BSZ4707IN, BSZ4707SW, BSZ4707WS, BSZ5800IN, BSZ5800SW, BSZ5800WS, BSZ5900/IN, BSZ5900/SW, BSZ5900/WS, ELZ6160/IN, ELZ6160/IN/01, ELZ6160IN, ELZ6160IN-1, ELZ6260/AL, ELZ6260/IN, ELZ6260/SW, ELZ6260/WS, ELZ6260AL, ELZ6260IN, ELZ6260SW, ELZ6260WS, ELZ7260/IN, ELZ7260IN, EMTA3465BR, EMTA3465IN, EMTA3465WS, EMZ3460BR01, EMZ3460IN01, EMZ3460SW01, EMZ3460WS01, EMZ3463BR, EMZ3463IN, EMZ5460/01/BR, EMZ5460/01/IN, EMZ5460/01/SW, EMZ5460/01/WS, EMZ5460AL, EMZ5460AL01, EMZ5460BR, EMZ5460IN, EMZ5460SW, EMZ5460WS, EMZ5860/IN, EMZ5860/WS, EMZ5960/IN, EMZ5960/WS, EMZ6260/IN, EMZ6260IN, EMZ6265/IN, EMZ6265IN, EMZD6260/AL, EMZD6260/ALOVE, EMZD6260/IN, EMZD6260IN, ESN3460BR01, ESN3460IN01, ESN3460SW01, ESN3460WS01, ESZ3460BR01, ESZ3460IN01, ESZ3460SW01, ESZ3460WS01, ESZ3463BR, ESZ3463IN, ESZ3463SW, ESZ3463WS, ESZ3464BRFH, ESZ3464INFH, ESZ3464WSFH, ESZ4467IN, ESZ4467SW, ESZ4467WS, ESZ5460/01/AL, ESZ5460/01/BR, ESZ5460/01/NB, ESZ5460AL, ESZ5460BR, ESZ5460IN, ESZ5460IN01, ESZ5460SW, ESZ5460WS, ESZ5460WS01, ESZ5463BR, ESZ5463IN, ESZ5463WS, ESZ5464/01/BR, ESZ5464/01/IN, ESZ5464/01/WS, ESZ5464BR, ESZ5464IN, ESZ5464WS, ESZ5860/AL, ESZ5860/BR, ESZ5860/IN, ESZ5860/SW, ESZ5860/WS, ESZ5864/BR, ESZ5864/IN, ESZ5864/WS, ESZ5960/AL, ESZ5960/BR, ESZ5960/IN, ESZ5960/SW, ESZ5960/WS, ESZ5960AL, ESZ5960BR, ESZ5960IN, ESZ5960SW, ESZ5960WS, ESZ5963/IN, ESZ5963IN, ESZ5964/BR, ESZ5964/IN, ESZ5964/WS, ESZB3463BR, ESZB3463IN, ESZB3463WS, ESZB5860/BR, ESZB5860/IN, ESZB5860/SW, ESZB5860/WS, ESZB5960/IN, ESZB5960/WS, ESZB5960IN, ESZB5960WS, ESZH5963/BR, ESZH5963/BR/01, ESZH5963/IN, ESZH5963/IN/01, ESZH5963/WS, ESZH5963/WS/01, ESZH5964/IN
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