Bauknecht C00373407 Grill/Oven Element

Bauknecht C00373407 Grill / Oven Element


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Bauknecht C00373407 Grill / Oven Element

2950 Watts (900 Watts / 2050 Watts) Grill/Oven Element
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More Information
Manufacturer Bauknecht
Wattage 2950 Watts (900 Watts / 2050 Watts)
Replaces 481925929965
Genuine Part No
Dimensions Height: 360mm Width: 380mm Bracket: 125mm Tags: 85/25mm
Models AKF261BR, AKF261IX, AKF261WH, AKG304/WH, AKG304BV/06, AKG304WH/04, AKG304WH/06, AKG31005/WH, AKG310BV/05, AKG331/IX/02, AKG33501, AKG335AV, AKG335AV/01, AKG335AV/02, AKG335AV/03, AKG335NB/01, AKG335WH, AKG335WH/01, AKG335WH/02, AKG336/IX/01, AKG336IX, AKG408/04AV, AKG40804/AV, AKG40804/WH, AKG411BV/02, AKG411WH/02, AKG411WH/03, AKG411WH/04, AKG412/AV/04, AKG412/WH/04, AKG41204/AV, AKG41204/WH, AKG41405, AKG414AV/04, AKG414WH/04, AKG425AV/04, AKG425WH/04, AKG426/AV/03, AKG426/WH/03, AKG42602/WH, AKG426AV/02, AKG428, AKG428IX, AKG428IX/02, AKG43002, AKG430IX/01, AKG431/AV/01, AKG43102, AKG431AV, AKG431AV/01, AKG431NB, AKG431NB/01, AKG431WH, AKG431WH/01, AKG432IX/02, BLZ90BR, BLZ90WS-B, BLZG1000, BLZG1000ws, BMN1000SWNL, BMN1000SW-NL, BMN1000WS-NL, BVD905BR-B, EGNT1400, EGNT1400NL, EGNT1400-NL, EGNT1400SP, EGNT1400SPNL, EGNT1400SP-NL, EGNT1400WS, EGNT1400WSNL, EGNT1400WS-NL, EGZG1400, EGZG1400-NL, EGZG1400SP-NL, EGZG1400WS, EGZG1400WS-NL, EGZT1400BENL, EGZT1400BE-NL, EGZT1400BR-NL, EGZT1400BW-NL, EGZT1400INNL, EGZT1400IN-NL, EGZT1400-NL, EGZT1400SP-NL, EGZT1400SWNL, EGZT1400SW-NL, EGZT1400WSNL, EGZT1400WS-NL, ELZG1480, ELZG1480WS, EMZ1480, EMZ1480WS, ESZ1480, ESZ1480WS, F248BR-F, F248WS-F, F249BR-F, F249WS-F, GEB920BE, GEB920BR, GEB920WS-NL, IBML280/BL, IBML280/WS, IBMX280/IN, IBS200/BL, IBS200/DB, IBS200/WS
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