Bauknecht C00311124 Irca Fan Oven Element

Bauknecht C00311124 Irca Fan Oven Element


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Bauknecht C00311124 Irca Fan Oven Element

Genuine Irca 2000 Watts Fan Oven Element

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Manufacturer Bauknecht
Wattage 2000 Watts
Replaces 481225938177, 481225998405, 481925928816, 481925928823, 481925928876
Genuine Part No
Dimensions Height: 220mm Width: 190mm Bracket: 70mm Tags: 25mm
Models 6KAO100 IN, 6KAO100IN, 6KAO200 IN, 6KAO200IN, 6KAO300/IN, AKZ 131/NB, AKZ131/NB, BBSC3000WS, BBSE 3000 BR, BBSE 3000 WS, BBSE3000BR, BBSE3000WS, BBSH 3000 BR, BBSH 3000 WS, BBSH3000BR, BBSH3000WS, BBZE 3000 SW, BBZE 3000 WS, BBZE3000SW, BBZE3000WS, BBZH 3000 WS, BBZH3000WS, BDO810/AV, BDO810/WH, BDO814/AV, BDO814/WH, BEZH 3000 IN, BEZH 3000 SW, BEZH 3000 WS, BEZH3000IN, BEZH3000SW, BEZH3000WS, BEZH4000 IN, BEZH4000 SW, BEZH4000IN, BEZH4000SW, BLC 3000 BR, BLC 3000 BR GB, BLC 3000 SW GB, BLC 3000 WH GB, BLC3000BR, BLC3000BRGB, BLC3000SWGB, BLC3000WHGB, BLC3000WS, BLCE 3000 BR GB, BLCE 3000 SW GB, BLCE 3000 WS GB, BLCE 3004 BR GB, BLCE 3004 IN GB, BLCE 3004 SW, BLCE 3004 SW GB, BLCE 3004 WS, BLCE 3004 WS GB, BLCE3000BRG, BLCE3000BRGB, BLCE3000SWG, BLCE3000SWGB, BLCE3000WSG, BLCE3000WSGB, BLCE3004BRG, BLCE3004BRGB, BLCE3004INGB, BLCE3004SW, BLCE3004SWGB, BLCE3004WS, BLCE3004WSG, BLCE3004WSGB, BLH 3000 BR, BLH 3000 WS, BLH 3003 BR, BLH 3003 IN, BLH 3003 WS, BLH3000BR, BLH3000WS, BLH3003BR, BLH3003IN, BLH3003WS, BLHP5969/AL, BLHP5969/IN, BLPE 6100/IN, BLPE 6100/IX, BLPE 6200/IN, BLPE 6200/IX, BLPE 6260/IN, BLPE 7200/IN, BLPE 8009/IN, BLPE6100/IN, BLPE6100/IX, BLPE6100IN, BLPE6100IX, BLPE6200/IN, BLPE6200/IX, BLPE6200IN, BLPE6200IX, BLPE6260/IN, BLPE6260IN, BLPE7200/IN, BLPE7200IN, BLPE8009/IN, BLPE8009IN, BLZA 7209/IN, BLZA 7900/TI, BLZA 7909/IN, BLZA 7909/IX/02, BLZA7209/IN, BLZA7900/IN, BLZA7900/TI, BLZA7900IN, BLZA7900TI, BLZA7909/IN, BLZA7909/IN/02, BLZA7909/IX/02, BLZE 6100/AL, BLZE 6100/IN, BLZE 6160/EW, BLZE 6200/AL, BLZE 6200/IN, BLZE 6205/IN, BLZE 6210/IN, BLZE 7100/ES, BLZE 7200/IN, BLZE6100/AL, BLZE6100/IN, BLZE6100AL, BLZE6100IN, BLZE6160/EW, BLZE6160EW, BLZE6200/AL, BLZE6200/IN, BLZE6200AL, BLZE6200IN, BLZE6205/IN, BLZE6205IN, BLZE6210/IN, BLZE6210IN, BLZE7100/ES, BLZE7100ES, BLZE7200/IN, BLZE7200IN, BLZG 3002 IN GB, BLZG 3002 SW, BLZG 3002 WS, BLZG3002INGB, BLZG3002SW, BLZG3002WS, BLZH 3002 WS, BLZH 4006 AL 02, BLZH 4006 CR, BLZH 4006 IN, BLZH 4006 WS, BLZH 4006/02 IN, BLZH 4906/AL, BLZH 4906/IN, BLZH 5069 AL, BLZH 5069 IN, BLZH 5500/01/AL-ST, BLZH 5500/01/AL-SW, BLZH 5500/01/IN, BLZH 5900/AL-ST, BLZH 5900/IN, BLZH 5969 AL, BLZH 5969 IN, BLZH3002 IN, BLZH3002IN, BLZH3002WS, BLZH4006 AL, BLZH4006/02IN, BLZH4006AL, BLZH4006AL02, BLZH4006CR, BLZH4006IN, BLZH4006WS, BLZH4009 IN, BLZH4009 SW, BLZH4009 WS, BLZH4009IN, BLZH4009SW, BLZH4009WS, BLZH4906/AL, BLZH4906/IN, BLZH4906AL, BLZH4906IN, BLZH5069AL, BLZH5069IN, BLZH5500 AL-ST, BLZH5500 AL-SW, BLZH5500 AL-WS, BLZH5500 IN, BLZH5500/01/AL-ST, BLZH5500/01/AL-SW, BLZH5500/01/IN, BLZH5500AL-ST, BLZH5500AL-SW, BLZH5500AL-WS, BLZH5500IN, BLZH5900/AL-ST, BLZH5900/IN, BLZH5900ALST, BLZH5900IN, BLZH5969AL, BLZH5969IN, BLZH7900/IN, BLZH7900IN, BLZM 6100/IN, BLZM 6100/INE, BLZM 7200/IN, BLZM 7900/TI, BLZM 7909/IN, BLZM6100/IN, BLZM6100/INE, BLZM6100IN, BLZM7200/IN, BLZM7200IN, BLZM7900/TI, BLZM7900TI, BLZM7909/IN, BLZS 7200 IN, BLZS 7200/IN, BLZS7200/IN, BLZS7200IN, BMPH 5900 IN, BMPH 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