Bauknecht 481225998524 Grill/Oven Element

Bauknecht 481225998524 Grill / Oven Element


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Bauknecht 481225998524 Grill / Oven Element

2450 Watts Grill/Oven Element
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Manufacturer Bauknecht
Wattage 2450 Watts
Replaces 481225998524. 481225998471, 481925928992
Genuine Part Yes
Dimensions Height: 380mm Width: 370mm Bracket: 150mm Tags: 55mm Crossbar: 445mm
Models BEZH3000IN, BEZH3000SW, BLZA7900/IN, BLZA7900/TI, BLZE6100/AL, BLZE6100/IN, BLZE6160/EW, BLZE6200/AL, BLZE6200/IN, BLZE6205/IN, BLZE7100/ES, BLZE7200/IN, BLZH4006/02IN, BLZH4006AL, BLZH4006AL02, BLZH4006CR, BLZH4006IN, BLZH4006WS, BLZH4906/AL, BLZH4906/IN, BLZH5500/01/AL-, BLZH5500/01/IN, BLZH5500AL-ST, BLZH5500AL-SW, BLZH5500AL-WS, BLZH5500IN, BLZH5900/AL-ST, BLZH5900/IN, BLZM6100/IN, BLZM7200/IN, BLZM7900/TI, BMZB4806/AL, BMZB4806/IN, BMZE6203/IN, BMZH3000/01BR, BMZH3000/01IN, BMZH3000/01SW, BMZH3000/01WS, BMZH5000/01/AL, BMZH5000/01/IN, BMZH5000IN, BMZH5000SW, BMZH5000SW01, BMZH5000WS, BMZH5000WS01, BMZH5069AL, BMZH5069IN, BMZH5900/AL, BMZH5900/IN, BMZH5900/SW, BMZH5900/WS, BMZH7900/IN, BSZH5069IN, BSZH5800/IN/01, BSZH5800AL/01, BSZH5800IN, BSZH5900/AL, BSZH5900/IN, ELIE6160/IN, ELIE6163/IN, ELIE6164/IN, ELZA7260/IN, ELZA7960/IN, ELZD4466/02, ELZD4466/02IN, ELZD4466AL, ELZD4466IN, ELZD4966/AL, ELZD4966/IN, ELZD5560/01/AL-, ELZD5560/01/IN, ELZD5560AL-ST, ELZD5560AL-SW, ELZD5560AL-WS, ELZD5560IN, ELZD5960/AL/ST, ELZD5960/IN, ELZE6160/AL, ELZE6160/IN, ELZE6160IN, ELZE6164/IN, ELZE7260/IN, ELZH4466CR, ELZH4466IN, ELZH4466WS, ELZH4498IN, ELZH4498WS, ELZM6160/IN, ELZM7260/IN, EMHT3465IN, EMIE6163IN, EMZA4466IN, EMZA4466WS, EMZA5963/IN, EMZD4866/AL, EMZD4866/IN, EMZD5460AL, EMZD5460AL01, EMZD5460BR, EMZD5460BR01, EMZD5460IN, EMZD5460IN01, EMZD5460SW, EMZD5460SW01, EMZD5460WS, EMZD5460WS01, EMZD5560IN, EMZD5960/AL, EMZD5960/BR, EMZD5960/IN, EMZD5960/SW, EMZD5960/WS, EMZD7960/IN, EMZH3460/01BR, EMZH3460/01IN, EMZH3460/01SW, EMZH3460/01WS, EMZH3463BR, EMZH3463BR01, EMZH3463IN, EMZH3463IN01, EMZH3463SW, EMZH3463SW01, EMZH3463WS, EMZH3463WS01, EMZH3464BR, EMZH3464IN, EMZH3464WS, EMZH4466/02AL, EMZH4466/02IN, EMZH4466AL01, EMZH4466BR, EMZH4466BR01, EMZH4466IN, EMZH4466IN01, EMZH4466SW, EMZH4466SW01, EMZH4466WS, EMZH4466WS01, EMZH5462BR, EMZH5462IN, EMZH5462WH, EMZH5463AL, EMZH5463BR, EMZH5463IN, EMZH5463WS, EMZH5464/01/BR, EMZH5464/01/IN, EMZH5464/01/WS, EMZH5464BR, EMZH5464IN, EMZH5464WS, EMZH5465BR, EMZH5465IN, EMZH5465WS, EMZH5862/IN, EMZH5863/AL, EMZH5863/BR, EMZH5863/IN, EMZH5863/WS, EMZH5865/IN, EMZH5963/IN, EMZH5964/IN, ESZH3463BR, ESZH3463IN, ESZH3463WS, ESZH4866/AL, ESZH4866/IN, ESZH5860IN, ESZH5860WS, ESZH5960/AL, ESZH5960/BR, ESZH5960/IN, ESZH5960/SW, ESZH5960/WS
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