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Brandt 77X2277 Replacement Fan Oven Element

Brandt 77X2277 Replacement Fan Oven Element


(In stock)

  • Brandt 77X2277 Replacement Fan Oven Element Brandt 77X2277 Replacement Fan Oven Element

Brandt 77X2277 Replacement Fan Oven Element

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2000 Watts Fan Oven Element

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Cooker Model Information

Manufacturer Brandt
Wattage 2000 Watts
Replaces 77X3169, 97753681
Genuine Part No
Dimensions Height: 250mm Width: 195mm Bracket: 70mm Tags:  25mm
Models 6H-775TCX, A602PYRHV, A602PYRHV2, A602PYRHV4, A602PYRS04, A602PYRSO, A602PYRSO2, BMC140B, BMC140B1, BMC140B2, BMC140W, BMC140W1, BMC140W2, BMC140X, BMC140X/2, BMC140X1, BMC140X3, BMC141X, BMC141X1, BMC141X2, BMC240B, BMC240B1, BMC240W, BMC240W1, BMC240X, BMC240X1, BMC240X2, BMC241X, BMC241X1, BMP160B, BMP160B/1, BMP160B/2, BMP160w, BMP160W/1, BMP160W/2, BMP160X, BMP160X/1, BMP160X/2, BMP161X, BMP161X1, BMP161X2, BMP260B, BMP260B1, BMP260X, BMP260X/2, BMP261X, BMP261X1, BOSE617X, BOSE617X1, BOSE622AX, BOSE622AX1, BOSE625X, BOV3010, BOV30102, BP411WU1, BP411WU11, BP411XU1, BP411XU11, CD8457E1, CD8457E11, CE9000E1, CE9000E11, CE9000E12, CE9005E1, CE9005E11, CR3310T, CR3310T1, DMC404E1, DMC404E1/1, DMP401E1, DMP401E1/1, DMP402, DMP402E1, DMP402E1/1, DMP404, DMP404E1, DMP404E1/1, DMP404E2/1, DMP501E1, DMP501E1/1, DMP502E1, DMP502E1/1, DMP504E1, DMP504E1/1, DOC310BE12, DOC310XE1, DOC310XE11, DOC505XE1, DOC505XE11, DOC740X4, DOC810WW, DOD328BU1, DOD328BU11, DOD328XU1, DOD328XU11, DOD338BU1, DOD338BU11, DOD338WU1, DOD338WU11, DOD338XU1, DOD338XU11, DOD348BG/11, DOD348BG11, DOD788B4, DOD788X4, DOD798B4, DOD798W3, DOD798X, DOE405XE1, DOE405XE11, DOE505XE11, DOE705X3, DOP340XE11, DOP350XE11, DOP705B3, DOP705W3, DOP705X3, DOP740W, DOP740X3, DOP750B3, DOP750W, DOP750X3, DOP750Z3, DOP760B3, DOP760W3, DOP760X3, DOP770B4, DOP770W4, DOP770X4, DOP795B4, DOP795X, DOP840WW, EMIC800X, EMIC800X1, FA4441E1, FA4441E11, FA4441E2, FA4441E21, FA4441E3, FA4441E31, FA5447E1, FA5447E11, FA5447E2, FA5447E21, FA5447E3, FA5447E31, FA5447S1, FA5447S11, FA5447S3, FA5447S31, FA6449E1, FA6449E11, FA6449E12, FAC74J1N, FAC74J1N2, FAC74J1N3, FAC74X1N, FAC74X1N1, FAP24B1U, FAP24B1U1, FAP24C1U, FAP24C1U1, FAQ25B1U, FAQ25B1U1, FAQ25W1U, FAQ25W1U1, FAQ75J1N, FAQ75W1N, FAQ75W1N1, FAQ75X1N, FB4422U1, FB4448E1, FB4448E11, FB4448E12, FB4827E3, FB4827E33, FB4827E34, FB4827E35, FBP25B1G, FBP25B1G1, FBP25W1G, FBP25W1G1, FBP25X1G, FBP75J1N, FBP75W1N, FBP75W1N1, FC1045XS, FC1045XS1, FC222MN1, FC222MN11, FC222WN1, FC222WN11, FC222XN1, FC222XN11, FC222ZN1, FC222ZN11, FC223XN1, FC223XN11, FC272WN1, FC272WN11, FC272XN1, FC272XN11, FC422MN1, FC422MN11, FC422MN12, FC422WN1, FC422WN12, FC422XN1, FC422XN12, FC422ZN1, FC422ZN12, FC472XN1, FC472XN11, FC622WN1, FC622WN11, FC622WN12, FC622XGN1, FC622XGN11, FC622XGN12, FC622XGN13, FC622XN1, FC672XN1, FC672XN12, FC842XS1, FC842XS12, FC843WW, FC843WW1, FC844XS1, FC844XS12, FE1022XN, FE1022XN1, FE1022XS, FE1022XS1, FE222BS1, FE222BS11, FE222BS12, FE222WS1, FE222WS11, FE222WS12, FE222XS1, FE222XS11, FE222XS12, FE222ZS1, FE222ZS11, FE222ZS12, FE411WU1, FE411WU11, FE411XU1, FE411XU11, FE422BS1, FE422BS11, FE422WS1, FE422WS11, FE422XS1, FE422XS11, FE422ZS1, FE422ZS11, FE610WN1, FE610WN11, FE610WN13, FE610XN1, FE610XN12, FE612XN1, FE612XN11, FE612XN13, FE622BS1, FE622BS12, FE622WS1, FE622WS11, FE622XS1, FE622XS12, FE7447E3, FE7447E31, FE7447E4, FE7447E41, FE7447E42, FE823XS1, FE823XS12, FM4422U1, FM4422U2, FM4422U21, FM4441E1, FM4441E11, FM4441E2, FM4441E3, FM4441E31, FM4441E4, FM4441E41, FM4441J1, FM4445E1, FM4445E11, FM4445E12, FM4445J1, FM4445J1/1, FM4447E1, FM4447E11, FM4447E2, FM4447E21, FM4447E3, FM4447E31, FM4447E4, FM4447E41, FM4447U1, FM4447U11, FM4447U2, FM4447U3, FM4447U31, FM4448E1, FM4448E11, FM4448E12, FM4448E2, FM4448E21, FM4822U2, FM4822U21, FM4827U1, FM4827U11, FM4827U2, FM4827U21, FM4942D1, FM4942D11, FM4942D12, FM4942D2, FM4942D21, FM4942D3, FM4942D31, FM6448D1, FM6448D11, FM6448D12, FM6448D2, FM6448D21, FP1043B, FP1043B1, FP1043W, FP1043W1, FP1043X, FP1043X1, FP1060WN, FP1060WN1, FP1060XN, FP1060XN1, FP1067BN, FP1067BN1, FP1067WN, FP1067WN1, FP1067XN, FP1067XN1, FP1067XS, FP1067XS1, FP1068XN, FP1068XN1, FP224MN1, FP224MN11, FP224MN12, FP224WN1, FP224WN11, FP224WN12, FP224XN1, FP224XN11, FP224XN12, FP225BS1, FP225BS11, FP225BS12, FP225BS13, FP225WS1, FP225WS11, FP225WS12, FP225WS13, FP225XS1, FP225XS11, FP225XS12, FP225XS13, FP228MN1, FP228MN11, FP228MN12, FP228XN1, FP228XN11, FP228XN12, FP228ZN1, FP228ZN11, 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UMP615E1/1, UMP616E1, UMP616E1/1, XR5800, XR58001
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Fan Oven Element Measurement Guide


Width - refers to the external width (diameter) of the element, from outside edge to outside edge

Height - refers to the height of the element from the outside edge of the bracket to the outside edge of the element

Tags - refers to the distance between the electrical tags of the element

Bracket - refers to width of the fixing bracket

Please allow +/- 5mm on all width and height measurements


Grill & Oven Element Measurement Guide
Even though grill and oven element shapes can vary, all measurements are based on the following:

Width - refers to the lateral width of the element from outside edge to outside edge.

Height - refers to the height of the element from the outside edge of the bracket to the opposite outside edge of the element. If there is no bracket fitted, height is from the base of the tags to the outside edge of the element

Tags - refers to the distance between the centre of the electrical tags of the element. if two measurements are given Tag 1 refers to the external tags and Tag 2 refers to the internal tags.

Bracket - refers to width of the fixing bracket.

Please allow +/- 5mm on all width and height measurements