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Fan Oven

fan oven element

A fan oven element is a circular element surrounding the oven fan at the back of the oven used for circluating hot air at the desired temperature around your oven.

The element is usually selected on your oven by a setting that has some picture of a fan within a square.

How do I know if my fan oven element is faulty?

If you select a setting with just the fan symbol AND a circle on then this means you are just trying to heat the oven with the fan oven element rather than also using the conventional upper and lower heating elements.

How do I know which fan oven element I need?

Select your oven manufacturer from the left hand side or enter you oven model number into the search box above. If you have any difficulty finding your fan oven element or need to speak to us you can contact us via here.

The model number is usually found inside the oven itself on the frame or on the side of the door or if it's a free standing cooker on the back or side.

The model number will usually be printed on a sticker or stamped on a plate consisting of some numbers and letters.

Once you have some details you can enter all or part of these into our NEW and improved web site search system at the top of every page to find the exact part(s) you need.

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  1. 3iMarchi C00141180 Compatible Fan Oven Element
  2. 3iMarchi C00141180 Genuine Fan Oven Element
  3. Acec 3570284038 Compatible Fan Oven Element
  4. Acec 3570284038 Genuine Fan Oven Element
  5. AEG 140042356018 Genuine Fan Oven Motor
  6. AEG 140089339018 Genuine Fan Oven Element
  7. AEG 140089339059 Compatible Fan Oven Element
  8. AEG 140089339059 Genuine Fan Oven Element
  9. AEG 3117704001 Compatible Fan Oven Element
  10. AEG 3117704001 Genuine Fan Oven Element

    Genuine EGO 2500 Watts Fan Oven Element

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Items 1-10 of 2008

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