Smeg 806890656 Compatible Fan Oven Element

Smeg 806891083 Compatible Fan Oven Element


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Smeg 806891083 Compatible Fan Oven Element

Genuine Irca 2700 Watts Fan Oven Element Element

For models manufactured between 10/11/2006 and 19/06/2008

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Manufacturer Smeg
Wattage 2700 Watts
Replaces 806890589, 806890656
Genuine Part No
Dimensions Height: 220mm Width: 195mm Bracket: 70mm Tags: 25mm
Models 72MFX5, A1PYID-6, A1PYID-7, A41, A41A, A41D, A42, A42-2, A42-5, A42-6, A42A, A42A-2, A42A-5, A42B, A42C-5, A42C-6, A42D, A42D-2, A42D-5, A42G, ALFA11, ALFA11-1, ALFA11-1B, ALFA11AM, ALFA11GM, ALFA31, ALFA31A, ALFA31B, ALFA31DA, ALFA31F, ALFA31K, ALFA31N, ALFA31P, ALFA31S, ALFA31T, ALFA31X, ALFA31XA, ALFA31XHT, ALFA41, ALFA41A, ALFA41AM, ALFA41B, ALFA41DA, ALFA41DI, ALFA41F, ALFA41FR, ALFA41G, ALFA41K, ALFA41N, ALFA41N, ALFA41P, ALFA41S, ALFA41SAM, ALFA41SG, ALFA41T, ALFA41UK, ALFA41V1, ALFA41V1K, ALFA41VEK, ALFA41XE, ALFA41XE2, ALFA43UK, ALFA61X, ALFA61X1, AP191X, AP378MFX, AP72X, AP73X, AP74X, AP9586-C-X-EX, AP9596-C-X-EX, APV191X, APV73X, APV74X, B72MFX5, B91GMXNL, C113GMX9, C8GMXI, C8GMXI-1, C91GMXI, C91GMXI-1, C91GMXI-2, CA61VM, CA65MFV, CB51VEY, CB51VGY, CB51VMY, CB61EVX, CB61VEY, CB61VGY, CB61VM, CB61VMS, CB61VMY, CB622/1/A, CB64MVDKA, CB651/A, CB652/1/A, CB661/A, CB661EA, CB661EW, CB664MF/A, CB664MFVA, CB851/A, CB90GY, CB92VMY, CBE664/1, CBE664MF1, CBE664MFV, CBV622/1A, CBV652/1A, CC62MFX5, CD65MFX, CE65GA, CE65GX, CE65MFA, CE65MFX, CI54/1/A, CI54/A, CI65/1/A, CI65/A, CI65MF/A, CI65MFV/A, CI65MS, CI65MVDK2, CI65MVDK3, CID65MFV1, CIE65/1/A, CIV54/1/A, CIV65/1/A, CIX64MS, CL60FCEX, CL60FGAX, COVEN70, COVEN70-1, CS71, CS71BE, CS71NL, CS72NL, CS72NL2, CS72NL-5, CSP19-6, CSP19-7, CX51VE, CX51VM, CX61EAG, CX61EVX, CX61EVX-1, CX61VE, CX61VM, CX61VML, CX61VMLS, CX61VMN, CX61VMS, CX66MN, CX66MS, CX92VM, CXL61VM, DO41SS, DO4BL, DO4BL-5, DO4SS, DO4SS, DO4SS-5, DO4WH, DOSC34N, DOSC34X, DOSC36X, DOSC54X, DOSCA36X, DOSF44X, DUCO4SS, DUSF44X, DUSC36X, DUSC54X, ER17250HK, ER17250SG, ER17350FG, ER17350SG, ER17450FG, ER37220HK, F65-5, F65-7, F67-5, F67-7, FA65-5, FA67-5, FS60WHNG, FS60XNG, FS61MFX, FS61MFXLP, FS61WHNG, FS61XLPG, FS61XNG, FS64MF/A, FS64MFCWA, FS64MFLPA, FS64MFW/A, FS67MFX, FU65-5, FU67-5, HQ738155E, HSB738155N, HSB738155Z, HSB738156A, JLFSEC604, JLFSEC606, JLFSEC608, JLFSEC610, JLFSMC603, JLFSMC605, JLFSMC607, JLFSMC609, MBE60/2, MCFE60/2, NCT685BFG, NCT685BHK, NCT685BSG, NCT685CHK, NCT685CSG, NCT685NAU, NCT685NFG, NET682CHK, NET682CSG, NET682NAU, OF601XA, OF602XA, P64, PA64SX, PD64, PNL64, PRESUK62MFX5, PRESUK62MX8, PRV564X.1, RFF404/1, RFF504, RFF504D, S104X-5, S106X-5, S106X-6, S201X, S564.1, S5641-1, S564AV-1, S564X.1, S74/1, SA240X-5, SA360EB-5, SA360X-5, SA365X, SA386X-5, SA410EB-5, SA410X-5, SA410X-5, SA415X, SA420EB-5, SA420X-5, SA504X, SA504X, SA506X, SA62MFX5, SA920MFW5, SAR191AX1, SAR572EB, SAR572X, SAR572X.1, SAR574P, SAR574X.1, SC041MFX, SC04MFX, SC061MFX, SC06MFX, sc336bl, SC336WH, SC336X, SC361X, SC362MFX, SC371MFX, SC371X, SC371X-8, SC436N-8, SC436X-8, SC536X-8, SC64MFX, SC73MFX, SCA504X, SCA506X, SCA712-2, SCA712-3, SCA712N, SCB60MFB, SCB60MFB5, SCB60MFX, SCB60MFX5, SCB60MFX6, SCB61MFX, SCB66MFB, SCB66MFB5, SCB66MFX, SCB66MFX5, SCB80MFX5, SCD60MFX, SCD60MFX5, SCD60MFX6, SCD60MFX7, SCD61MFX, SCD81MFX, SCDK380X, SCE60MFX, SCE60MFX5, SCE61MFX, SCE80MFX, SCE80MFX5, SDK380X-5, SDO10, SDO10, SDO10-5, SDO10-6, SDO8-5, SDO8-5, SDRV564X1, SDRV564XG, SDV564X.1, SE335BL-5, SE335SS-5, SE335WH-5, SE336BL-5, SE336SS-5, SE336WH-5, SE376MFX5, SE72MFX-5, SE73MFX-5, SE783MF/2, SE783MFB2, SE783MFV2, SE784MF/2, SE784MFB2, SE800MFA5, SE800MFP5, SE900-5, SE900X-5, SERV564X1, SF504X, SF504X, SI800MEB5, SI800MF-5, SI800MFA5, SI800MFB5, SI800MFP5, SIL61VM, SIL61VML, SIL63MFA, SIL63VML, SIL65BMF, SIL65WMF, SNL564X, SNL564XG, SNL60MFC5, SNL60MFX5, SNL60MFX7, SNL61MFX, SNL65X/1, SNL81MFX, SNZ60EVX, SNZ60MFSS, SNZ61MFX, SNZ61MFX1, SO64GX, SP71VML, SP91VML, SP91VML-5, SR191A1, SR191AJ1, SR564GXBE, SR572X.1, SR574.1, SR574X.1, SR94AEBJ1, SR94AEBJC, SR94AGRJ1, SR94AHK1, SR94AJ1, SR94AMBJ1, SR94ANEJ1, SR94ASHK1, SR94ASJ1, SR94EBHK1, SR94EBSH1, SR94EBSJ1, SR94GRSJ1, SR94MBSJ1, SR94NESJ1, SRV563EB1, SRV563EB2, SRV563NE1, SRV563NE2, SRV563X.1, SRV564, SRV564.1, SRV5641-1, SRV564AZ, SRV564EB, SRV564EB1, SRV564EB2, SRV564GA1, SRV564GAL, SRV564GB1, SRV564GG1, SRV564GH, SRV564GN1, SRV564GW, SRV564GW1, SRV564NE, SRV564NE1, SRV564NE2, SRV564P, SRV564TF, SRV564TF1, SRV564VA, SRV564X, SRV564X.1, SRV564XBE, SRV564XF1, SRV564XF2, SRV572X.1, SRV573X.1, SRV574X.1, SRV574XN1, SUK61CMFA, SUK61CMFA, SUK61CMFX, SUK61MFA, SUK61MFWH, SUK61MFX, SUK62CBL5, SUK62CMFX, SUK62CMX5, SUK62CMX8, SUK62MBL5, SUK62MBL8, SUK62MFA, SUK62MFA5, SUK62MFWH, SUK62MFX, SUK62MFX5, SUK62MWH5, SUK62MX8, SUK81MFA, SUK81MFX, SV564.1, SV564AV-1, SV564EB.1, SV564TF.1, SV564X.1, SX81VM, SY4110-8, SY62MX8, SYD4110, TR4110BL, TR4110P, UB3000E/1, UB3000G/1, UC3000E/1, UK60MFA, UK60MFA1, UK60MFX, UK60MFX1, UW3000E/1, UX3000E/1, VA191VX, VA191X, W50BVE, W50BVG, W50XVE, W50XVG, W61BVE, W61BVG, W61BVM, W61XVE, W61XVG, W61XVM, WB68MF/A, WCF61V/A, WE65, WE704EBS, WE704S, WE74, WE74EB, WE74TF, WIL61BVM, XXA1C-5UL
Extra Information For models manufactured between 10/11/2006 and 19/06/2008
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